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We can create a website for companies, corporate entities, schools, churches, online advertising agencies, restaurants, shopping malls, law firms, hospitals, and professional services, ensuring each client receives a customized and effective online presence.

Planned Procedures

Elevate your online presence with our planned website development service.

From concept to launch, we strategize every step to ensure your website embodies your vision, engages your audience, and drives success in the digital realm.

Website Creation Procedure


Start the Project!

Discussing the project and its details.


Conduct research to gather ideas about your business industry and competitors.

Strategy & Branding

Select keywords, establish a style guide, and determine the layout.

Mockup & Adjustments

Prepare the website mockup and make necessary adjustments and obtain confirmation.


Initiate the development of the website.

Adjustments & Final Configuration

Implement adjustments and confirm the finalized website.


Launch the website to the public.

Free Maintenance

Complimentary maintenance for 3 months, during which you can request simple text and image changes from us.

Web Design

Codibu crafts websites by brand guidelines, ensuring efficiency and superior quality, saving you valuable time while maintaining brand consistency.

Powerful CMS & CRM

From personal blogs to enterprise-level websites, Codibu offers versatility and scalability, providing robust solutions adaptable to the needs of individuals and large corporations alike, ensuring an exceptional online experience across every scale of operation.

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Save Time & Money!

Unlock limitless growth opportunities for your business with Codibu, empowered by its vast array of plugins and fully customizable system.

Unlock the advantages of hassle-free maintenance and low operational costs with Codibu.

Numerous prominent and leading companies utilize WordPress in today’s digital landscape.

Salesforce, Aljazeera, Capgemini, Meta, News Courts, Conde Nast, Tech Crunch,  USA Today Sports, Bloomberg, Time, Disney, Slack, CNN

It's the law!

ADA Compliance

Ensuring compliance with ADA regulations set forth by the US government, it's crucial to proactively address accessibility concerns to avoid potential legal challenges from individuals with disabilities.

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Codibu has completed 1000+ projects in the past 20 years.

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